Monday, December 17, 2012

The Change...

Viteri Style Management

This time of year it's easy to embrace change. The New Year is quickly approaching and it's norm for us to set resolutions. For some reason this month we actually build ourselves up for a change which is why I am taking full advantage of this energy.

Viteri Style Management
Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done Hitting the Wall!
I have grown tired this year hitting the same walls. I forget that walls are stationary and will not move, only I can move. (Unless I get a sledgehammer and break through it like a designer's renovation project.) So I decided to learn how to mark this labyrinth of walls that have been holding me back by partnering with supporters that have that powerful sledgehammer.

Viteri Style Management
Providing the Best Practical Services to our Interior Design Clients via "The Change"
Yes, change is coming and we are excited about it. Don't let the same walls block you when wanting to move forward. Recognize them and mark them. You may find that VSM is now the sledgehammer you've been looking for. 

We are looking forward to sharing some incredible announcements with you in 2013. Viteri Style Management is gaining wonderful recognition in their pursuit to provide the best practical solutions to interior designers wanting to run a boutique style business. Our style of management is proving to lead the way for what we know to be the next generation of interior designers.  We can't wait to share our style with you and thank you for joining in on our journey.

Barbara V

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