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Libby Langdon's Fast & Festive Decor!

Interior Designer, Libby Langdon
It's the most wonderful time of year and,'re almost out of time! It's not too late to decorate!  Try my fast and festive ideas to make your home very happy for the holidays!  

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 A small but special touch that I call the nine-second napkin ring! Simply tie a red ribbon around a napkin, insert a small sprig of fresh herbs or greenery and easily dress up any place setting!

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 Tie small sprigs of greenery (evergreen, boxwood, holly) with thin red ribbon and tuck one behind each frame.

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 I call this my ornament garden. Group several clear glass vessels in all shapes and sizes and fill each one with same color balls. Such a pretty (and fast!) way to bring festive style to an entry table or dining room buffet!

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Tie ribbons to some favorite ornaments and use white painters tape to adhere them to the middle of a window sash. They look neat from the inside as well as the outside! Plus, it's so simple you can do it while waiting for guests to arrive! 

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 Scatter gold stick-on stars to add extra sparkle! Fun project for the kiddies!

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 Group five same-colored pillar candles in varying shapes and heights with the tallest in the center of a platter or cake plate. Add sprigs of greenery, berries or holly in between and light up for a bright and beautiful centerpiece.

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Turn plain drinking glasses into festive votive holders by wrapping wide ribbon around first, then securing with a smaller ribbon on top. Add a votive and voilĂ ! 

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 A Candy Cane Classic!  Fill a silver or glass bowl with a bunch of big, old fashioned candy canes. Tuck in some greenery so it peeks out over the edge. This takes no time and definitely adds holiday pizzazz to any room! Give each guest a candy cane on their way out!

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   Season's Seating's! Since dining chairs are seen from behind, why not decorate the back? With wide ribbon, tie sprigs of greenery and candy canes to chair back. 

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Stack red roses closely together inside a tall, clear cylinder vase a few inches below the lip. You want the buds touching each other as well as the glass. Fill only the bottom with water as shown. Tie wide ribbon around the outside of the vase and in no time flat you have a holiday arrangement that looks like it came from a first-rate florist!

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 Put a big bunch of tall silk amaryllis (I got these at Ikea) in a plain glass cylinder and wrap the stems with a wide ribbon...fab on a foyer table! 

Thank you Libby! 

Barbara V.

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Designer, author and makeover television personality Libby Langdon is the creative force behind New York City-based design firm Libby Interiors, Inc. Her residential and commercial projects -- embodying her easy, elegant, everyday style -- have won widespread fans, and she is fast becoming known for her growing collections of branded home furnishings products. Thanks to her extensive work with clients and on makeover TV, Libby draws inspiration for her Upholstery Furniture Collection for Braxton Culler and her Rug Collection for Tiger Rug from countless conversations with consumers across the country on how we really live and what we really want. In addition to being featured regularly on NBC's LXTV Open House for her famed "daykeovers" and on The Rachael Ray Show, Libby's work appears in national newspapers and magazines as she offers design seminars and book signings countrywide. Her first book, Libby Langdon's Small Space Solutions, offers innovative and inexpensive design ideas to help small space dwellers live large. For all things Libby, please visit:

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