Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Stockings New Hangout...

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Traditionally stockings hung over the fireplace.
Stocking Stuffers are a big deal at my house. Some of the best gifts are in there every Christmas morning. They include homemade trinkets my kids made to meeting the expectations that "good things come in small packages." When I was looking to buy a house, a fireplace was a "must have" on my list. Solely for this reason, to hang Christmas stockings. Then came the realization of a fire hazard. It's also becoming an annoying routine to take them off the mantel when starting a fire and then putting them back when the fire burns out. It's like taking all the decorative pillows off before going to bed, just to put them back on in the morning. (I have a 5 pillow maximum rule because of this.)

Viteri Style Management
New hangout spot for our Christmas Stockings
My kids are still young enough to believe in Santa, thank goodness. We still work out our military operation (code name: Tooth Fairy) to sneak in their rooms and switch out DNA for money. So why not load up their stockings and get an extra hour of sleep, if possible, while they play with their new gifts come Christmas morning. (We hope they do that this year.)

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Pick a knob, any knob.
Our beloved 13 year old Yorkie, Henry, passed last year. We always had a stocking for him. So my daughter thought it would be great to hang his stocking on a knob on our console that has a draw. Well, it now goes from one knob to any knob in the house. It's actually sweet to see where it pops up next.

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Who knew?
Many homes do not have fireplaces, but some have stairs. If spaced out well, you can practically add a stocking for each member on the family tree. I love this idea.

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Solution for my apartment dwellers.
When the hubby and I had our first apartment, I remember buying a coat rack, similar to this one above. I wish I came up with this idea to hang stockings off of the hooks. With all the holiday parties we had at that apartment, this would have made for great parting gifts. Take one and go.

Viteri Style Management
Everyone has walls.
Space is limited in any apartment, but you definitely have walls. Some painted plywood, hooks and nails and botta bing, a wall mantel just right for the holidays. Problem in my house, we are not DIYers. We'll stick with the reusable hooks you see on the commercials.

Viteri Style Management
Window sills can act like mantels.
I would have never thought of putting stockings on windows. There are plenty of options for placement, from window sills to window latches. Yet another great handout for stockings ready to be filled with Christmas goodies.

I wanted to share a few hang out spots I think would be a great option for everyone with a fireplace or not, or in my case just to avoid a fire hazard. I am really looking forward to this Christmas and seeing if the new location for our stockings over the beds, will be a hit this year. Let us know where your stockings hang out and how it makes your holiday. Cheers!

Barbara V

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