Monday, November 26, 2012

Who sits at your Social Media Table...

Viteri Style Management
My vision of my Social Media Table. {Image via Studio M}
Like most business owners I started using Social Media to introduce my company, Viteri Style Management to the world. My business provides practical solutions to interior designers. I was thrilled to start connecting within this community. My stylish inviting networking tables were mostly available on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I held a banquet for all to come and connect. I also wasted a lot time with party crashers.
Viteri Style Management
It's okay to clean up your Social Media.
As my company started to grow, so did the "Friend Requests" on my personal Facebook page. I loved it and was really connecting with people I wanted to be friends with, which were interior designers, design vendors, clients, friends and family. Then, I notice I was hitting over the 1000 mark of "friends" and I started to panic. I was wasting precious time deleting requests, unfriending and ignoring messages from "friends" that really should be subscribers or better yet, 'likes' on my business page.

Viteri Style Management
One of many solutions.
You see, I started to think about social media as a banquet table. I wanted to enjoy my party so I created a place setting for everyone. I started a Subscriber option on FB for people who wanted to connect with me personally. I created a business page to share info about my company, brag about my clients and the interior design world in general. My Pinterest boards are simple and not a collection of what I like to eat or wear, but categorize by my personal home renovation, my favorite color, my company and blog posts. LinkedIn is open to pros that want to share their business and/or products with me. Now Twitter has been added to the mix and a new table setting has been created for "Followers". The point is, I set the tables now for everyone to come and cater to. It's sort of like having a place card which technically most social media networks set up for you anyway. I occasionally just have to guide people to their seats.

Viteri Style Management
Don't take it personal, it's just keeping my sanity is more important than your feelings.
We all heard the saying, "You can't please everybody." It amazes me when I see 1000, 2000, 3000, sometimes over 5000 friends on someone's personal page. Recently a well known interior designer messaged me to apologize for not being able to accept my friend request as they were over their limit. If I did not take notice of this early on, I can easily see how I too will be messaging that same response to someone I wanted to connect with. That is why there is a variety of social media "tables" you can create to hopefully please and place everyone.

Viteri Style Management
Setting the table for all to join the party. {Image via Studio M}
I have taken the time to expand my social media to strategically welcome all, essentially. I believe this is a practical solution for everyone, especially interior designers. I hate that my clients feel they need to filter their posts as they have clients as friends on their personal page. You can create a stylish social media table for all. Design place settings for friends, family, clients, fans, subscribers, followers and starkers. It's actually easy to do. There is no reason you should feel bad for not accepting friend requests, but welcome them at another table. You will be the gracious host and your guests will admire the attention you give them. Pick your place setting at one, if not all of my banquets and see for yourself. I look forward to greeting you.

Barbara V.

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