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Gift ideas for the Interior Designer's client...

Viteri Style Management, LLC
So, what are you planning to give your clients this year?
Last month I posted a tip on "tackling the holidays" for my interior design readers. As always, when working with my design clients, I get questions about these tips. After that post, the common question was, "What would you recommend as a great gift to give to my clients?" Well, after some thought, I wanted my suggestions to benefit both the client and designer. Hold onto your reindeer sleigh, as I plan to suggest gifts that should leave a lasting impression for your clients and bring you business as the same time.
Viteri Style Management, LLC
Campo Marzio pens are gifts that keep on giving.
I love Campo Marzio's products. They are a delicious assortment of candy color office supplies that make a perfect gift for any client. Specifically their pens. Let's face it, when your clients are signing off on your proposals, invoices and checks, you want them to be in a happy mood. Holding this Italian smooth rollerball, bright color pen should do the trick. Best of all, every time they use the pen, it will remind them of you and the thoughtful gift you gave them.
Viteri Style Management, LLC
VSM's personal favorite, Campo Marzio Bijoux Rollerball Pens, Brights.
I am a firm believer that it is okay to have favorite clients and you can spoil them a little for having such a wonderful relationship with them. There are clients that are truly a dream to work with and projects that actually help you become a better designer. Why not have the option of ordering a more luxe gift and still avoid singling out everyone. Campo Marzio has beautiful selections of fine pens that run the price gamut for every client. You can order them from Kate's Paperie. There you can find a great selection of fabulous pens from $15-$90 price range.
Viteri Style Management, LLC
Viteri Style Management, LLC
Campo Marzio Bijoux Fountain Pens, Brights

I do love the look of a fountain pen and the formality of them. Not that Campo Marzio will give Montblanc a run for their money, but it will give it a fun nod to tradition. These Bijoux fountain pens feature a glittering array of crystals and non crystal options for the most special client. Refill black ink are included in this gift set and should make for the most lasting impression.

Viteri Style Management, LLC
Let's get personal.
I am very lucky to have clients that actually care enough to learn what my favorite champagne is. Seriously, I received a bottle of Veuve Clicquot as a thank you gift recently. However, it is very time consuming to followup on every client's personal preference. Yes, the easy route would be to offer champagne, wine and/or chocolates as a gift, but I am not a fan of this. These are perishable gifts with an expiration date and no longevity for remembrance. I have even seen recommendations for the very popular "Purple Box" chocolate company as designer gift options. Well, here is the thing with that, personally, I don't like their chocolates and the wine is just terrible. (You do remember how honest I can be-right?) You don't want your clients to experience the same thing.

Viteri Style Management, LLC
Lucite Monogrammed Multi Purpose Trays
Now this is a thoughtful gift and yes it can also benefit you. Lucite is a phenomenal product that has been trending for some time now with no intentions of going out of style. It's made into furniture, finials and my favorite, trays. The personal touch you as the designer can offer, is the actual design appeal and monogram application. There will be no mistake that you put thought into this gift. My hopes is that when you are at that onsite meeting, the client will serve you a glass of Veuve on your thoughtful gift.

Viteri Style Management, LLC
Stationary Tray.
Viteri Style Management, LLC
Serving Tray
 There are many design options to choose from so find the perfect tray for your client at Layla Grace.
Price ranges are from $78-$115 depending on size. There are even popular Jonathan Adler designs that now include free shipping.

Viteri Style Management, LLC
Jamie Raquel File Tote

Lastly, lets talk about a gift that can actually bring you business. I personally use this amazing file tote from the creative company called Jamie Raquel. It can act like a mobile office with 5 hanging tabbed folders, lined pockets for keys, cell phone, pens and heavy duty straps to carry the most heaviest of samples.

What makes this a great gift for your clients is that it forces them to get organize with the projects you are currently working on. We all know they have inspirational photos, sample swatches and notes they carry with them to jot down questions for your next meeting. This stylishly designed combination of file box and handbag will help your client keep this design process with you in order. How neat is it to know they have a location where they can keep track of what you want them to keep track of. I know many designers who create binders for their clients to do this. Well, this tote can easily hold those binders and have room to file the pertinent documentations, ie. contracts, orders and billing.
Viteri Style Management, LLC
Great selection of colors and interior fabric lining.
These totes can be ordered in legal file sizes with the same array of colors shown. The price range is from $59 without hanging files to $64 with five hanging files. They also have fun color coordinating files that can be ordered additionally if needed. I have both the black and brown totes I use religiously for my own interior design project, which is actually my house project. They are the perfect size box I use to put on my shelves with cute clip on label tags from See Jane Work. You may want to consider adding them to your office. It could work for you to just pick up a tote and go.

Viteri Style Management, LLC
Don't forget to wrap!
I hope you love these gift options for your clients as much as considering them as options for yourself. With this post coming to you in early November, you should have amble time to get your orders in. Please don't be that designer that orders 100 boxes of chocolates that need to be wrapped, boxed and shipped before the post office closes the day the company closes for Christmas week. (Yep, I had to do this for a designer I worked for due to their late planning) You have time to get your orders in and even have them prep for wrapping in house or from where you order them. All if you start now and plan early. Remember there are no perishable items on order so you can easily set a date for delivery and hopefully reap a small benefit for yourself from your client's gift. Happy shopping!

Barbara V.

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