Monday, November 19, 2012

Bravo to Bravo TV & Million Dollar Decorators...

Million Dollar Decorators, Season 2
So an argument begins with two of my girlfriends who were invited to a "girls night in" at my house to watch M$D. "Who the hell spends $30K on a mirror?" asks my shocked friend. Then she looks at me and I nod, "Yup, I actually sold chandeliers that cost more than the cars you drove here with." (Silence) You see, I am "young" enough to remember the days when interior design was pure luxury and designers where held at a socialite status. They were in essence the icons of the design industry. From billionaire tycoons to movie stars, their clients were some of the most influential people. My days at Howard Kaplan Antiques showed me a fabulous world of interior design I felt had sightly lost it's luster, but with this year's Bravo hit, Million Dollar Decorators, it's back!

Multi Award Winning Designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard
For many, this world may seem unrealistic, unimaginable and dare I say, ridiculous, but it is right on the money. (Literally) We are witnessing what interior design was over two decades ago. Designers like Martyn Lawrence Bullard showcase the extravagance of what the industry truly was. The caliber of clientele these designers must appease will never make sense to many, but if you view the show nostalgically like I do, you can appreciate the process to create the following works from each of these brilliant designers.

via Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Hollywood Glam Interior Designer, Mary McDonald
I remember working with designers that ruled a showroom with their presence. Sometimes we would even shut our doors so these icons could shop privately with their clients. I am talking about the Mario Buatta's, Peter Marino's, Stephanie Stokes' and David Easton's to name a few. It does not surprise me that Mary McDonald can command attention from not only the vendors she works with, but her clients as well. 

via Mary McDonald
Interior Designer, Jeffrey Allen Marks
I'll admit, Bravo does make this world of egotistical, dramatic and stylish people very entertaining. We all can agree that many of their shows are our guilty pleasures, but some are indulging it as a negative view on interior design. I actually do embrace this world and hold many of our existing elite interior designers in high regard. They have earned their A-list rights and should be respected as...icons. It takes a bit of ego, drama and style to pull off some of their creative visions.

via Jeffrey Allen Marks

Interior Designer, Kathryn Ireland
I am looking forward to my girls night on Tuesdays to enjoy and sometimes explain the lost luster of interior design. With so many shows that showcase luxury interior design tangible to all, it's honestly quite annoying. It's like watering down a fine wine so you can make the experience of drinking it last longer. Interior design, in my minds eye is truly reflected in Million Dollar Decorators. Interior Designer, Kathryn Ireland is baring her soul on TV for our entertainment. You think clients would never rip their designers to shreds, just because they are elite. Kathy got her butt handed to her last season by a client, but she shares with us a valuable lesson that interior design is not all glamour, but business. 

via Kathryn Ireland
So I say bravo to "Bravo"! This season proves to be another entertaining hour of escape. I see it as reality TV for what I once thought was a lost art now making its way to a comeback. Would love to hear your thoughts on how you perceive the show to be and what effects you think it has on the design world. 

Barbara V.

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  1. I totally get what you are saying. total mixed bag with the designer elite showing making it almost intimidating to think of hiring a designer (at those price points) but also showing such jaw dropping work, you cant help but get excited. I know I will keep watching!

    1. So glad you are a fan and love your comment. Thanks!


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